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For Bookings

The link on the individual gig pages will take you to the preferred booking contact. For most gigs, that will be my online booking system.

If you cannot make the system work, (and you have had a PayPal account which you now regard as closed) try deleting PayPal cookies otherwise, please email me.

If you are trying to book within two days of the gig, please phone me on 07766 741 417.

To Join/Leave the Mailing List

Please try the links at the top of the right-hand column.

If email links are not working it probably means you have no default email client set up. Try to copy and paste my email address into your normal email program and put Subscribe/Unsubscribe in the Subject.

If all else fails, please telephone 07766 741 417.

Website Problems

If you find a problem with the website such as a broken link or some layout that looks wrong, please tell It would be helpful if you can include information on your operating system and the browser (inc version) that you are using.

For All Other Contact

Send me an email at

or telephone me on 07766 741 417