Terms and Conditions (the Jazz at the Albert way!!)

My aim is make advanced ticket sales and payments as easy and as painless as possible with as little extra cost as necessary for any of us. With that aim in mind, whatever difficulty may arise in this process I will endeavour to deal with everyone on a personal and human level, and will accommodate any problem to the best of my ability. I hope you will agree these aims are fair and equitable and are the cheapest and easiest way to book and get tickets for some great music events in Bristol.

After you book online, I will send a confirmation by email (as long as your address has been provided) when the payment has arrived safely and cleared.

Advanced payments will not be accepted the day before the event or on the day of the event, as I will be unable to confirm the transaction has gone through successfully. However I can normally accommodate late bookings by getting in touch via my phone number below and we will sort out an alternate arrangement, similar to our normal system for booking and reservations.

For large bookings of 10 or more I will need you to contact me in advance of purchase, to ensure I can accommodate your needs.


Tickets will be available to be collected on the night of the gig (just print out the confirmation and bring it along with you). If you require the tickets before the event, I can either send you a file by e-mail to print out at your end or I can post them to you. I will require that you contact me directly via storror.albertjazz@talk21.com or by phoning me on 07766 741417 to discuss postage etc.

Tickets booked and purchased in the week of the event will only be available to collect on the night prior to the gig, as I cannot guarantee the postal service! Again if an alternate option is available I will aim to accommodate. If your tickets have not arrived the day before the gig, please get in touch and donít worry, as I will have a record of the purchase. If you loose or misplace your tickets the same applies.


In the event the gig does not take place for whatever reasonÖ.illness, travel problems, weather, acts of God or other such catastrophes that cannot be foreseen, I will arrange a full refund or a credit (gift voucher) against another music event of choice.

If you are unable to attend for any acceptable reason, I will endeavour to accommodate refunds. If you require monetary remuneration I may need to deduct any costs incurred, however if we can agree a credit (gift voucher) for another event then no loss on either side should happen (i.e any booking fees that might occur and canít be redeemed).

I cannot accept that you forgot the gig or just didnít want to come for some reason at the last minute!!!