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Looking back at November: Andy Bain's gig (13th Nov) was especially stand out for hearing Jon Irabagon (Sax) and the very bright and speedy George Colligan (Piano) from the States. Damon Brown's Koreans (20th Nov) were interesting and even I enjoyed Damon's Chet Baker-esk vocalising on standard ballads! Dom Howles band were swinging well, with special mention of Nick Tomalin on piano and great to hear Dave O'Higgins sax sound again; he was on good form (strong possibility he'll be back next year with his own quartet!)

This month now leaves us with just the one gig; *EBA* Andy Sheppard's "Hotel Bristol" as a parting gift before he moves to Portugal in January. Your chance to wish them Bon Voyage and a thanks for all his music and enhancing Bristol's jazz pedigree.

Cheers, Ian

*EBA* means Early Booking Advised

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Hope you all have a decent time over the festive season and if I don't see you, best wishes for 2017 - Ian

*EBA* Andy Sheppard's Hotel Bristol

Sun 11 Dec 7:30 for 8:15 (£14/12)Hen & Chicken Book

Andy Sheppardl

The chances of hearing Andy on a regular basis in Bristol will be a little more diminished after Christmas, as he and his partner Sara will be moving, to live in Portugal at the end of January. Partly for the warmer weather, Andy has always been a sun-lover and as he isn’t getting any younger!!! However it’s also for his career and the necessity to be able to travel around Europe freely following the Brexit vote, with all the connotations that brings for many musicians in his situation.

It may well also affect future visits to us by European musicians as well, potential costs in obtaining visas etc; could mean the ease of coming to play here becomes unviable for many, we’ll have to wait and see for that?

With that in mind, we have already fixed a date for his other Bristol band The Pushy Doctors for June of 2017! Tonight though, we can say Bon Voyage and give him our best wishes for the future; with huge thanks for his body of work in this City over the last 30 years, and the pleasure we have all had from his music. more

Be there or, as they say….be square!